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Chuck Hazzard: Shape Your Future Health | Explore Wearable Technology and Health Optimization Strategies

March 08, 2022 Andrés Preschel Episode 40
Know Your Physio
Chuck Hazzard: Shape Your Future Health | Explore Wearable Technology and Health Optimization Strategies
Show Notes

In this episode, we chat with Chuck Hazzard, who is the VP of Wearables and Integrationsat Heads Up Health, founder of The Human Optimization Project, and former VP of Sales at Oura. He brings his vast experience to this conversation all about wearable technology, and the benefits, downsides, and ethics around this tool for health optimization. We also discuss the future implications of this tech and how to apply and interpret the best and latest innovations to optimize your health. This conversation also examines the current use of such devices for fitness professionals as well as the average person, and delves into the ways using yourself for study will impact your life – but not always for the better if there isn't adequate knowledge around what the metrics actually mean. Finally, Chuck shares some interesting insights into nocturnal biometrics, how lasers really are the way of the future, and the favorite devices and tools that he uses in his own life! To join in this relevant and inspiring conversation, tune in today.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing our esteemed guest today, Chuck Hazzard!
  • He takes us through his journey to becoming one of the forefathers of this movement. 
  • How the average person can use these devices to support clinical decisions for their health. 
  • How the pandemic has highlighted the value of home health monitoring and data systems.
  • Chuck predicts a rise of wearables that provide coaching on top of the metrics. 
  • The ethics and downsides behind giving the consumer this type and amount of data.
  • Diving into validation studies, marketing, and how to choose the right wearable.
  • Being your own study and how it can impact your life for the better – and the worse.
  • Discussing certification programs and the future of health coaches and wearables. 
  • Chuck gives some insight into the spectrum of cost of this kind of data interpretation.
  • What he's most excited about in this space: lasers!
  • Hear why so many top countries are focusing on nocturnal biometrics.
  • Discussing the future, from embedded devices to diagnostic apartments and the metaverse.
  • Chuck shares some of his favorite tools that have made a huge difference in his life.
  • The efficacy behind recorded biometrics and how professionals can use this information safely. 
  • The potential for biometrics to save lives in everyday settings. 
  • Discussing gamification and wellbeing in the corporate space. 
  • Hypothesizing about the future risk of discrimination based on biometrics. 
  • Closing with the ways that Chuck makes different decisions based on his daily data.

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