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Natasha Dasaro: Unlock Your Productivity Power | The Journey from Adderall to Plant Medicine and Purpose-Driven Success

May 02, 2022 Andrés Preschel Episode 48
Know Your Physio
Natasha Dasaro: Unlock Your Productivity Power | The Journey from Adderall to Plant Medicine and Purpose-Driven Success
Show Notes

Most Know Your Physio podcast episodes consist of Andrés asking his guests in-depth questions about all things physiology and life… Today’s episode is turned on its head, with Natasha Dasaro putting Andrés in the hot-seat! Join us to find out how ADHD affected Andrés’ approach to health and life in general, and why he moved from pre-med into lifestyle medicine and health optimization. We learn about the physiology underlying Adderall and Ritalin, and the effects they had on Andrés growing up. Find out what flow state means, and how powerful it can be when embodied. Andrés shares some fantastic thoughts and quotes on the importance of being curious and courageous in knowing yourself, and why being playful and passionate are core elements in appreciating life as it is. We also hear how Andrés’ episode with Dr. Patrick Porter inspired Natasha to embark on her meditation journey, and what his suggestions are for people who don’t appreciate meditation. As always, there is some hardcore science addressed: today we learn about the physiology behind yoga and meditation (and how they are linked), and how psychedelics can show our brain the pathway to a meditative state. Tune in to discover Andrés’ personal journey through meditation, how he faced his fear of public speaking, why letting go of his ego was key in his health and training, and so much more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Flipping the podcast on its head: today’s guest is our usual host, Andrés Preschel!
  • How ADHD impacted Andrés’ health and his perception of himself and leveling up to life. 
  • Andrés’ journey to lifestyle medicine and health optimization and performance. 
  • How amphetamines like Adderall or Ritalin work on a physiological level. 
  • Flow State: what it is, and how powerful it can be. 
  • How having the curiosity to get to know yourself, and the courage to be yourself, changed Andrés’ life. 
  • Why passion is the purest form of expertise.
  • The impacts of meditation on your physiology, and understanding the parasympathetic state. 
  • Why people need to meditate longer to truly appreciate its impacts.
  • Putting aside ego to optimize your health and the selfish and selfless aspects of being healthy. 
  • The common health journeys Andrés sees and unpacking the factors driving these routes. 
  • How psychedelics can show you the thought pathway to a meditative state.
  • Facing the fear of being ourselves, and the physiology underlying it. 
  • Andrés’ journey facing his fear of public speaking. 

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